Teaching And Research Areas


Supported by an excellent teaching staff team with a total number of 138, among which 30 are professors, 52 are associate professors, school has made abundant academic achievements, and published hundreds of papers on high-quality journals, “Management World”, “Nankai Business Review” for example, and eight research projects have received support by the National Natural Science Fund as well as National Social Science Fund. All of the achievements have helped school rank at B+ level during the fourth round of curriculum evaluation of China.

                                                                    Research Areas

Business Model and Social Capital of New Ventures

This research field takes Chinese new ventures as the research object and mainly studies the academic and practical problems concerning their business model and social capital. The business model direction has focused on characteristics, motivation and formation mechanism of new business models in new ventures. In the field of venturessocial capital, great amount of attention has been paid on the issues related to social capital governance of new ventures based on the perspective of executive team cognition.

Science and Technology Finance and Innovation Strategy

The research area has covered three research directions including science and technology finance, green innovation and innovation governance. Among them, the direction of technological finance mainly discusses different impact of equity capital, debt financing and government subsidies on enterprise innovation by analyzing the risk preference and interest demands of equity investors, creditors and local governments. Green innovation field takes Chinese manufacturing enterprises as the research object, focusing on analyzing the characteristics, economic effects and driving factors of enterprisesgreen innovation. The research direction of innovation governance mainly discusses the impact and process of governance mechanisms such as shareholdersgovernance, executive incentive and banksgovernance on enterprise innovation decision-making, so as to explore and expand China's indigenous innovation management theory system and better provide effective proposals for Chinese enterprisesinnovation practice.

Group Corporate Governance and Organization Strategy

The research field discusses how to achieve the balanced arrangement of the responsibilities, rights and interests of each stakeholder through system design under the conditions of asymmetric information and separation of ownership and control. Specifically, the research content in the field of dynamic competition of subsidiaries includes three aspects: the defining forecast of dynamic competition, the decision-making motivation and the value effect of dynamic competition behavior. Based on the macro background of China's Internet development, the other research field discusses the choice of governance pattern of internet group companies in the process of ecological growth.

Strategy and Service Management of Tourism Enterprises

Focusing on the basic principles and research frontiers of modern tourism enterprises, this field covers multiple areas like strategic management and green development strategy in China, the key factors influencing the competitiveness of Chinese travel agencies in the market, customer relationship and public relations management in tourism enterprises, customer-oriented behavior driving factors in tourism enterprises, service contact management and service quality management in tourism enterprises.

Cultural development of tourist destinations

Focusing on the key issues of tourism destination culture development, this field covers areas like study of the connotation and characteristics of typical tourism culture, the study of cultural differences among different regional tourism, the study of cross-cultural communication and construction of tourism destination, the analysis method of tourism culture space-time, the study of tourism cultural resources development and protection, the cultural conflict between the host and the guest of tourism destination and so on.

Service Enterprise Innovation Research

This research field mainly focuses on studying the network embedding characteristics of service enterprises, methods and modes of service enterprisesmodularization and the characteristics, designing rules, chaos and so on of the modular network formed by the interconnection of service enterprises after modularization. The dimension of network capability formed by the embedding of service enterprises in modular networks and its effect on innovation performance have also been studied.

The comparison of entrepreneurs personality, and motivation and leadership between the Chinese circumstances and the western context

This field has covered areas of constructing the personality of Yi(Righteousness) of Chinese entrepreneur and the theory of Chinese motivation and leadership from the perspective of Chinese culture, and Chinese social structure, interpersonal communication and national character, and discussing the differences in culture, social structure, national character and compare the similarities and differences in entrepreneurship

The Real Estate Market Risk Assessment

The real estate market risk assessment mainly focuses on the real estate market operation conditions and problem analysis, suggesting various risks of real estate. After years of rapid development in China's real estate market, the accumulated risks are getting higher and higher. At present, the macroeconomic environment is relatively severe, and the real estate market is under downward pressure. It is necessary to prepare and plan in advance.

Women Entrepreneurial MindsetWomen Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategic Entrepreneurial Action

Focus on the research frontiers of women entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial cognition and entrepreneurial leadership, we conduct in-depth empirical research on the key issues how women entrepreneurs think and lead to facilitate strategic entrepreneurial action and ultimately achieve entrepreneurial performance coping with to the transformation and upgrading based on problem-driven perspective